Nanotechnology in Dentistry

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Nanotechnology in Dentistry



    Nano’ is derived from the Greek word, meaning ‘dwarf’

    Is a prefix literally refers to 1 billionth of a physical size.

    National Nanotechnology Initiative ‘ direct manipulation of

    materials at the nanoscale

    General : “Science Of The Small”

    The central idea of nanotechnology is to employ individual

    atoms and molecules to construct functional structures









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  • Nanotechnology

    Nanotechnology is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Generally ,nanotechnology deals with developing materials ,devices, or other structures with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers

  • History

  • Nanotechnology in Dentistry

  • Nanostructured Material

  • Nanodentistry

    • Top-down approach
    • Bottom-up approach
    • Functional approach
    • Biomimetic approach
  • Nanodentisty and its application

    Nanodentistry will make possible the maintenance of comprehensive oral health by employing nanomaterials, biotechnology, including tissue engineering, and ultimately, dental nanorobotics

  • Nanorobotics

    • technology of creating machines of robot at or close to the microscopic scale of nanometer
    • Nanorobot "an artificially fabricated object able to freely diffuse in the human body and interact with specific cell at the molecular elvel by itself"
  • Composition of Nanorobots

    Diameter: 0,5-2 microns, parts with dimension 1-100nm

    • Carbon principal element
    • the exterior carbon diamonid structure
    • spider like body
    • on board nano computers
  • Mechanism of action

    • The powering of nanorobots can be done my metabolizing local glucose, oxygen, and externally supplied accoustic energy
    • controlled by onboard computer capable of performing around 1000 or more computation per second
    • Communication with the device can be achieved by broadcast type accoustic signaling. A navigational netwoek installed in the body provides high positional accuracy to all passing nanorobots and keep track of the various devies in the body.
  • Local anaesthesia

    • chemical gradients, temperature differentials, positional navigation

    → colloidal suspension→ gingival sulcus, lamina propria, dentin, dentinal tubules 1-4 micrones→ pulp on board nano compute

  • dental biomimetics

    • the most interesting venue for speculation on the nanorestoration of tooth structure is that of nanotechnology mimicking processes that occur in nature (biomimetics), such as the formation of dental enamel
    • Through an affordable desktop manufacturing facility, fabrication of a new tooth in dentist office within the time, economic constraint of a typical dental office visit, complete dentition replacement theraphy will become feasible soon
  • Dental durability and cosmetics

    • sapphire or diamond, have 20 to 100 times the hardness and strength of natural enamel, or contemporary ceramic venees as well as good biocompatibility
    • pure sapphire and diamond are brittle and prone to fracture
    • resistant as part of a nanostructure composite material that possibly includes embedded carbon nanotubes

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